Local Event In Morrow County!

Are you looking for something to do this weekend in Morrow County?
The 21st Annual Hearts For Hospice Dinner and Auction will be held on Saturday, April 12th, at the Cardington Lincoln High School.  Tickets for the dinner will be sold at the door if you choose to enjoy the dinner provided by Special Occasions at 5 pm.  If you choose to take part in just the auctions, the silent auction begins at 4 pm and the live auction will start at 7 pm in the Drouhard auditorium.
There will be a variety of merchandise at both the silent and live auctions and all the proceeds benefit the patients of Hospice of Morrow County.  Some of the items that have been donated for the auction include: autographed sports pictures, all types of baskets filled with goodies, DVD’s, gift cards, and baked goodies.  There will be something for everyone!  Come and support your local community!
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Spring is FINALLY here in Morrow County

Spring is FINALLY here in Morrow County 
For most Morrow County home owners it’s an exciting time to get your home ready, especially if you are going to sell!  In the winter time, many portions of your home are neglected or are not used as often.  From the interiors of your home to the exterior, getting your Morrow County home ready for spring will ensure you’ll be ready to enjoy the warmer weather once it arrives for good!
Start On Your Exterior: The outside of your home has taken more wear and tear from the harsh winter, than the interior so start here.  Walk around your home and examine caulking around windows and doors, as well as open windows and doors and look at weather stripping.  Replace old or cracking caulk and replace weather stripping.  Inspect the roof for broken or missing shingles, or tiles, and clean out gutters and downspouts at the same time.
Landscaping Tips:  While it may not be time for you to start planting flowers and watering your lawn just yet, it isn’t too early to ensure you will have ready your garden hoses, walkways, and adjacent areas to your landscaping.  Replace old or cracked garden hoses, and rake away leaves, tree limbs and debris from sidewalks, plant beds and surrounding areas.  Once you no longer have snow in the forecast you can start planning out your spring landscaping ideas and lawn care maintenance.  Pressure wash concrete areas that have become dirty and power wash vinyl siding, brick walls and vertical surfaces on your home if needed.
Check Your Interior Systems:  Fall and Spring are the two most important times to review your home’s HVAC – heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems.  Ensure air filters have been replaced or cleaned and stock up on new air filters if you use disposable one.  Check your air conditioner before the summer to ensure it is in good working order. If you need to have a service person look at it now, it will be a lot less expensive than 3 months from now.
Interior Spring Cleaning:  By now your windows, both inside and out, could use a cleaning.  You will be surprised how much you can see out your windows once they are cleaning.  Clean off ceiling fans and clean out fireplaces from use over the winter.  Test your emergency systems in your home:  home alarm, smoke fire alarm, fire extinguisher, and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure they are working properly.  Most homeowners forget to test these regularly.
Your Morrow County Home goes through a lot changes as it ages, and climatic conditions change.  Spring maintenance is a good idea for everyone, and even more important if you’re considering putting your home on the market soon.  Home buyers want to ensure that all systems have been well attended and taken care of before buying a home.  So what are you waiting for?  Get started now before the warm weather arrives to stay!
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Curb Appeal Tips For Your Morrow County Home For Sale

Curb Appeal Tips For Your Morrow County Home For Sale
Sometimes the idea of getting your home ready to sell can seem like a time consuming and long process, and you might be tempted to sell it as is.  By adding a little curb appeal to your Morrow County Home, your home may sell faster and for more money.  Here are some improvements that add that visible first impression value without taking weeks of labor, or breaking the bank:
The Front Door
A bright and fresh painted front door will give a sense of welcome and vitality to your Morrow County Home.  Make sure your front door is clean of grime and clutter, and give it a fresh coat of a deeply hued paint that blends or contrasts with the rest of the exterior.  Also think of refreshing the paint on the shutters as well.
Exterior Lighting
Properly placed exterior lighting can add dramatic interest to your Morrow County Home.  Clean up or replace an old porch light.  Make sure the bulbs in the fixture will cast an attractive glow over your entryway.  Enhance your evening curb appeal with easy to set up solar LED landscape lighting along the walkway or driveway, or to highlight a particularly beautiful plant or garden statue.
House Numbers
Buyers often drive through neighborhoods looking for the perfect Morrow County Home for them.  Brighten up that brass, repaint the numbers, or replace them with decorative ones to make your home more appealing to those buyers who are scoping out your neighborhood.
Clean Up Your Landscaping
Spend the weekend removing dead plants and shrubbery, trimming bushes and trees, mowing and trimming the lawn and removing weeds.  Buyers love to see a cared-for lawn.  It gives them the impression that your home is well cared-for and well loved. It might make them want to love it too.
Planters and Flowers
Seasonal flowers in window boxes, pots, container gardens or hanging baskets make an eye-catching addition to any house.  Make sure the pots, planters and baskets are in keeping with the house’s architectural elements and flow well with your Morrow County Home.  Keep an eye on the blooms, and remove any that are past their prime.
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Staging Your Morrow County Home For Spring 2014

Staging Your Morrow County Home For Spring 2014

Spring is FINALLY here in Morrow County!  Springtime brings sunshine, showers and plenty of opportunities for staging as the housing market heats up.  Make the most of the season with these fresh updates that will not only brighten up your Morrow County home but are sure to bring in some buyers:

Do Some Spring Cleaning:  It’s natural to want to spruce up your space in the spring, so scrub away!  A sparkling home will make your Morrow County home seem more appealing and will most definitely impress buyers.

Box Up Your Winter Wardrobe:  Bulky winter clothes take up lots of space, so move them out as you de-clutter your closets.  This is a great way to impress buyers with all that extra space!

Spruce Up The Entryway:  Simply replace that welcome mat that is covered with winter dirt with a new one.  A clean and pretty doorway will help set the tone for the showing of your Morrow County home.

Whip Your Yard Into Shape:  When selling in the spring, you need to get your yard into shape as quickly as possible.  Clear winter debris, get some frost-resistant plants that wont be affected by the late cold spells we are still experiencing here in Morrow County.

Bring Spring Aromas Indoors:  Spring is a very colorful season and a fragrant one as well so why not bring those aromas indoors?  Scents have a proved effect on mood, so why not improve the moods of the potential buyers with candles, fresh flowers, or incense.

Bring Out The Bright Colors:  Put away the heavy, winter comforters and pull out crisp linens.  Bring in the spring with floral-designed spreads or colorful solids and don’t forget to add colorful accent pillows to add a touch of comfort to your Morrow County living room.

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Herb’s Tip Of The Week


  • Walk through each room and criticize the home from a buyer’s prospective.
  • Ask your local real estate professional for their advice.
  • Consider getting a professional home inspection to see if any repairs are needed.
  • Hire a contractor to handle any major projects.
  • Consider getting an appraisal to find out your current market value.
  • Hold a yard sale.  Sell, donate or trash anything you do not need.

Watch for next week’s tip from Herb, your local real estate expert!

Thinking about moving or just curious about the value of your home in Morrow County?  Contact me today at 419-947-4004!

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Herb’s Tip Of The Week

HERB’S TIP OF THE WEEK:  Do I Need To Change My Locks?

tipsOne of the most frequent questions asked is do I have to change my locks?

Do You Have To?? – No

Should You?? – 100% YES!

  • Chances are slim to none that the sellers will come back.
  • You never know who the sellers gave keys to.
  • How do you know the previous owner even changed the locks when they moved in?

​​Changing the locks is so simple to do!  Not changing the locks isn’t worth the risk of the permanent question mark on who might have keys to your home.

Watch for next week’s tip from Herb, your local real estate expert!

Are you thinking about moving or just curious about the value of your home in Morrow County?  Contact me today at 419-947-4004!

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This Weekend In Morrow County

Are you looking for something to do this weekend in Morrow County?
A sure sign of spring arriving is the 40th Annual Maple Syrup Festival hosted by the Lutheran Memorial Camp.  The Festival is from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday, March 9th at the Lutheran Memorial Camp located at 2790 State Route 61 just south of Fulton.
You will enjoy the traditional pancake and sausage meal which is $7 for adults and $5 for youths ages 5-12 (kids ages 4 and under eat for free).  The dinner includes real maple syrup served on the pancakes.  There will be Sugar Bush tours, live entertainment, tractor and horse drawn wagon rides, fresh sassafras tea and homemade maple doughnuts, maple syrup, maple candy and fresh home made baked goods.
Get out and support your local community!
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Spring Is Right Around The Corner In Morrow County!

Spring Is Right Around The Corner In Morrow County!

Each year, as the winter weather turns into beautiful springtime, some people use that time to give their homes a deep clean.  However, many people become more busy as the weather gets warmer and cleaning your home can take time that you just don’t have.  Even the smallest tasks can leave your home in Morrow County looking ten times better.  Here are some spring cleaning tips for every homeowner to keep in mind:
Make A List
Create a list of everything that needs to be cleaned, and place them in order of importance.  This will help you prioritize between the things that need to be cleaned right away, and bigger projects that can wait until you have more time and help to complete them.
Get Help From Your Family
Make a game of your cleaning priorities.  If the kids’ bedrooms are on your list of priorities, include them in your quest for a clean home.  Offer up a prize to the child whose room is the cleanest in the end.  Or, you can offer a reward after all of the cleaning is done, like a trip to get ice cream.
The kitchen is the easiest place where you can multitask.  While you are waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning, clean out a few kitchen drawers.  Additionally, while you are waiting for dinner to finish cooking, you can organize the pantry and throw out expired items as you go.
De-cluttering your home before you give it a deep clean will help you in the long run.  There is nothing worse than trying to clean around a bunch of junk that you really don’t need.  Separate those things you don’t need into piles, one for donations and one for trash.
Have The Right Tools
Make sure you have the correct cleaning supplies that will help you along the way.  If you try to dust the shelves in your living room without a duster or dusting spray, the results wont be as good as they would if you had those things.
Cleaning your home doesn’t have to take you days, in most cases it should only take a few hours.  The smallest tasks can make your home look like new and give you a huge sense of accomplishment for keeping everything tidy on your busy schedule.
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It’s That Time Again!

It’s That Time Again! 

It is time once again for Daylight Savings.  Days have already started getting longer as we look forward to spring here in Mt. Gilead, despite the snow still on the ground.  Hopefully after tomorrow the snow will be all melted!  The temperatures are supposed to warm up this weekend and I don’t know about you but I am ready for warmer weather!
This Saturday night, March 8th before you go to bed, roll your clocks forward one hour as we spring forward.  Technically this happens on Sunday March 9th at 2am, but you get the idea right?And while you are thinking about Spring, don’t forget to go ahead and change the batteries in your clocks as well as your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  It could save your life!

Thinking about moving or just curious about the value of your home in Morrow County?  Contact me today at 419-947-4004!

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Are You Ready For Spring?

Are You Ready For Spring? 
YAY…It’s almost here!  The first day of spring is officially 20 days away on March 20th!  Time to shake off the winter blues and get ready for spring here in Morrow County.  There is lots to do to prepare your Morrow County home for spring!  Here are some tips to be sure to add to your spring cleaning checklist.
Inside The Home
* Flip and rotate your mattress.
* Swap out heavier quilts and blankets for lighter-weight bedding.
* Air out throw rugs on a clothesline to freshen.  Steam clean and/or shampoo wall-to-wall carpeting in your home.
* Wash pillows and curtains to help reduce allergens and dust mites.
* Clean your dryer vent.
* Clean or replace your HVAC Filters
* Change batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
* Organize and thoroughly clean out the kitchen cupboards and the fridge, discarding canned goods and other items that are past their expiration dates.
* Organize the basement and inspect for any mold.  Open doors and windows to ventilate the area.
* Organize and clean out the closets.  Box up your winter attire and swap it with the spring wardrobe.
Outside The Home
* Check your gas and battery powered lawn equipment to make sure they are ready for use.
* Clean out the gutters and remove all debris.
* Check roof shingles to see if any were lost or damaged from winter.
* Check outside hoses and faucets for freeze damage.
* Check and change outside light bulbs.
* Check walkways and driveways for cracks and repair needs.
* Lay down fresh, irrigated soil and plant Perennials.
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