Morrow County Garage Sales Galore!

Morrow County has really got the garage sales this weekend!  Everywhere I look, someone has a sign up and cars are parked up and down the street and in the driveways.  The shoppers are out in scores looking for those good deals.  I even saw one garage sale on N. Main in Mt. Gilead that’s selling church pews! 

I know there’s tons of “good deals” out there to be had, better go to the ATM and get some cash!

About Herb Baldwin

55 years old, married to Kathy for 35 years now (happily!) and a full-time Re/Max real estate agent in Morrow County, OH
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2 Responses to Morrow County Garage Sales Galore!

  1. admin says:

    Garage sales are great for picking up neat stuff! (this is a test reply comment.

  2. Herb Baldwin says:

    Garage sales are great, all kinds of great values

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